Rolex Submariner Price in Japan

Posted by Bobbie - January 9th, 2015

Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner

Why so many people choose Japan as the first place to buy Rolex watches? so how is the price of Rolex Submariner in Japan? And how is the difference between the Japanese authentic Rolex watches and the non-authentic Rolex watches? here we are going to simply share these questions with you all.

Actually Japanese Rolex watch retail condition is also very interesting, the Japanese prefer Rolex watches, which can be seen from the 86 Rolex official approved Special retailers in its homeland, the Rolex service centers and service counters that is 15 more than the world’s biggest can also be proved from another side that the Rolex ownership is huge in Japan. The Rolex watches sold in these special retailer’s store are known as authentic watches in Japan, the Japanese authentic watches is the special flag of the Rolex Japanese company, which has some differences from that of Chinese, as the Rolex watches sold in China inland don’t have the special tag of Rolex Chinese company. Japan also has the non-authentic Rolex watches, whose intrinsic factors also have difference with the Hong Kong no-taxes watches, but as our ordinary buyers, they are the basically the same, at least the same on the aspect of without a Rolex official retail licenses, and these Rolex watches sold by the legitimate businesses through the permission of Japanese government are called non-authentic Rolex watches.

When it comes to price of the Rolex Submariner replica in Japan, and even the whole Rolex watches price trend, it is much lower when compared with the mainland China, as to how much lower, generally will be 10-20% higher than the price of the domestic market. Moreover, even with import duties, etc., the price will be lower than the piece of the domestic Rolex water ghost watches. And maybe it is the main reason that more and more customers choosing to buy Rolex watches in Japan.

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